Our Team

 Chekalin Valery Vladimirovich

Tashkent Institute of Physical Culture, specialty - trainer, teacher.

Master of Sports of the International Class.

Coaching for more than 30 years. For over 20 years he was in the national team of Uzbekistan.

Multiple prize-winner and Champion of Kazakhstan in equestrian triathlon. Participant of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou. Multiple Champion and prize-winner Uzb.po triathlon. Member of the three Spartakiad peoples of the USSR. Member of the All-Union competition in jumping and eventing.

Has prepared more than 10 masters of sports.






Kucerubov Igor Anatolievich

Higher education - Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture (1982- 1986), specialization - speed skating, equestrian sport (since 1997).

Trainer of the highest level of qualification of the first category in equestrian sport

1988-1993 - speed skating coach (SDSHOR Spartak)

2004-2009 - speed skater of CSKA Almaty

2009-2014 Deputy Director for Sports Work of the Sports School № 19 in Almaty.

Judge of the 1st category in equestrian sport.

Since 2004, the constant practice of judging National and international competitions (Championships, Cups and Races of Kazakhstan for jumping, dressage, equestrian eventing)

Coaching experience - over 20 years

For the entire period of work, I prepared 7 athletes for the Youth RK Team in Equestrian Sport.



Kutserubova Yelena Vladychevna

Higher education - Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture (1981 - 1986), specialization - equestrian sport, dressage, master of sports of the USSR.

The trainer of the highest level of qualification of the highest category in equestrian sport.

Judge of the national category in equestrian sport, constant practice of judging of National and international competitions (Championships, Cups and Races of Kazakhstan for jumping, dressage, equestrian eventing).

Coaching experience - over 20 years.

From 2004 to 2015, the senior coach of the DShNK and the SR of the RK, the National Dressage Team of the RK, the current athlete in the National team of the RK, the prizewinner of the RK Championships 2012, 2013, 2014, the winner and the winner of the International Dressage Competition CDI *** 2013 , 2014

At the present time, the coach for equestrian sport.






Panferova Olga Arturovna

Specialization: dressage; mileage.

Education: incomplete higher KAZNAU, specialization - veterinary science.

Prizewinner of the Kazakhstan Dressage Championship in 2014. Champion of the Almaty Cup for dressage in 2014. Prize winner of the Kazakhstan Championship in dressage. 2015 Prizewinner of the Championship of Kazakhstan on remote runs 2015.

Title: Candidate in Master of Sports

Experience with horses for 7 years.

Worked in the direction: "Natural Horsemanship". Work without a bridle and ammunition, training horses. Experience with the psychology of the horse, ie soft methods of working with horses.







Mauletbekov Medet Mauletbekovich

Master of sports of international class, a member of the Kazakhstan national jumping team.

1994 - 2002. - 7 years of training as a jockey for baiga (Alaman, Couanan, Top, Tai).

2010 - 2016 - in different years the winner of the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2010 (Almaty city, personal standings, 1st place), the World Cup in Central Asia 2011 (Tashkent, 3rd place in individual competition), the Republic of Kazakhstan Cup 2011 in biathlon ( Kapshagai, 2 place in personal classification),

"World Cup Stage" was held in Bishkek, acted as a member of Kazakhstan team, took command of the 3rd place.








Akikhozhina Kamilla Farkhadovna

2000-2005 - Kazakh National Agrarian University, specialty - veterinary medicine, pathological anatomy.

2016- Social Kostanay University, specialty - trainer-instructor.

Member of the International Veterinary Commission for annual competitions on remote horse rides and Olympic sports (competitions, dressage) in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Aktau under the auspices of the Kazakhstan Equestrian Federation.

Since 2013. veterinarian of KSK "Altyn-tay", as well as a rider - training horses for remote horse rides, instructor in horse riding.










Popova Darya Alexandrovna


- Dressage

- remote horse riding.

Education: incomplete higher education. Work experience 7 years.

The sporting title "Candidate Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan" for equestrian sport was conferred.

RK Champion in equestrian sport among young men and juniors on dressage 2014,2015,2016,2017. Prizewinner of the International competitions in remote horse rides for 2015,2016. Winner of international competitions in the team competition in 2015 in Russia. Winner of the FEI World Dressage Challenge World Cup competition in 2017 Winner of the "Dressage Federation Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dressage" 2017

Active athlete in the National team of the Republic of Kazakhstan.








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