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You can look for happiness everywhere. All your life. Everywhere.

A late breakfast on the day off, a friendly planned lunch, an unexpected meeting, a family dinner, a festive banquet, a gentle date, the desire to find oneself, change the world, share the good, feel love - this is HAPPINESS.

Restaurant “Schastye” (en. Hapiness) is where you can feel life, understand that happiness is near and feel the happiest.

The restaurant represents the author's cuisine with an emphasis on meat dishes. The interior of the restaurant is designed in the style of an alpine chalet with a thematic decor that conveys respect and gratitude to the beautiful and graceful animal and all types of equestrian sport. Both halls of the restaurant have fireplaces, where from one side you can see the arena, where the process of training riders and horses is carried out, and on the other side you can observe the huge pine and mountain peaks.

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Altyn Tay Equestrian Sports Club 2018